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And that's all I want Santa

People often come up with different terms for periods of lull. Bears are believed to be hibernating. Graduate students work away furiously to make the world a better place. Me ... I decided to sit back with my hands behind my head, look at the world around me, take a deep breath and then just sigh! Just when I was enjoying my moment of calm, I was interrupted by that one person I have so come to love to hate - RAJ.

So he messaged me yesterday about this new movie 'Rab ne bana di jodi' which seems to have created quite the rage in India. A hard hitting movie that apparently portrays all the dark realities of this unforgiving thing called life and delivers one tight resounding slap in the face of all atheists and non-believers of God and Flea - it informs us that we would know we have found our respective soulmates if we see GOD in them. But Raj wasn't perturbed by that fact. He was more disturbed by the fact that the movie's male lead has an uber-cool alter-ego called Raj who really is not cool. Poor Raj feels that this hasn't done his image any good and wishes to sue the movie for copying a lot of his trademark pickup lines like 'Raj....Naam to suna hoga'. Somewhere deep down, I do sympathise for poor Raj. But just when I was about to put my hand around him and tell him that life is indeed a bitch, he mentioned that he was piqued by some other point.

Apparently, when the heroine is asked what it is that a girl looks for in a guy, she quips quite innocently, 'Ek ladki bas itna chahti hai ki koi ladka usse itna pyaar kare, jitna kisi ne kisi se nahin kiya hoga...bas'. At this juncture I insisted on taking the proverbial pause and exclaim WHAT THE F**K? How is the damn 'bas' even justified. By the very definition of the task, it is something that has not been done before and in all probability due to the sheer impossibility of the task. Yet the damn thing is so easily trivialised. Since Xmas is here, here goes my request to Santa 'Dear Santa ji....main aisi ladki chahta hoon jo bas Katrina Kaif aur Priyanka Chopra se zyada maal ho...bas'.

Dear Golu,
This is Santa.
So what is second on your list? Maybe we can work with that.

Golu...yaar write more frequently..:)who knows maybe santa will actually listen to you..

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